About Us

One Hand Drum Company was created to assist in providing funding to The Raven Drum Foundation. When Rick Allen signs an autograph it is sometimes accompanied by a drawing of a one armed drummer aptly named, "STIK RICK". With so many people always asking "how are you doing?"..."how’s things?" after over 20 years Rick can only answer "Life Is Great!! Be A Rockstar!!" This simple statement and the drawing of "STIK RICK" are being featured as works of art by Rick Allen, the artist. Allen states "This is one way everyone can be a part of my organization, One Hand Drum Company". You are now able to purchase merchandise that garnishes this brand. It's really exciting and a portion of the proceeds go to support the Raven Drum Foundation.

The StikRick site continues to add additional StikRick gear and limited edition collectibles each year! Stay tuned!